April 30, 2012

Got The Blues

Dress: Aritzia | Vest: Free People | Purse: Tory Burch | Shoes: Dolce Vita | Necklace: Anthropologie | Watch: Michael Kors

I had never really considered the idea of owning a denim vest until I was shopping for Coachella and decided I needed one. Now I can't stop wearing it. I throw it on over maxi dresses, with printed or coloured denim, and once it's warmer over my mini dresses. It's such a great layering piece that is not too heavy, but adds a certain something to an outfit. 


April 23, 2012

Coachella 2012

Oh HI! I'm back!!! Sorry for my absence. I came home from Coachella with a nasty flu that I just couldn't kick. (Spending the weekend in bed is no fun when it's beautiful outside!) Anyways, I'm back and full of lots of posts  :) 

So here it goes, my Coachella recap! (Better late than never, right?) What an amazing weekend. The best part for me was seeing my closest friends, we all live in different parts of the country so it's rare we are all in one place. The second best part was seeing Snoop Dog and Dr Dre live! Hello high school flashbacks! Seriously an amazing concert. Then of course the rest of the amazing artists, the fun people, the sunshine and all of the food trucks. Oh and the fantastic festival hippie style too! I wish I could go back right now, can't wait 'till next year! 

Happy Mondays lovelies, I missed you! 


April 10, 2012

Trend Crush: Festival Style

Images found here and here

Coachella is only a few days away which inspired my Trend Crush this week. These ladies pull off the bohemian festival look while still looking chic and sophisticated. This is of course exactly the perfection I'm hoping to pull off! (Hello packing stress!) 

I can't wait to share photos next week! 


April 09, 2012

Easter Weekend Snapshots

There is nothing better than a long weekend full of sunshine and long walks. Although my weekend was a bit hectic with last minute Coachella planning and packing, as well as hosting Easter dinner, we still managed to enjoy ourselves. Three day weekends really allow you to fit so much in! 

We spent most of Sunday preparing our Easter dinner and dessert. We made lamb and roasted vegetables, and I made (my first) coconut cake. I've never made a cake before so I was a bit nervous, but was pretty happy with the result. I used this recipe which was pretty easy, however I recommend not using so much almond extract or just replacing it with coconut extract instead. The almond has a very intense flavor that I didn't love. I'm looking forward to more cakes in my future, I think a white chocolate one will be next! 

Happy Monday! 


April 02, 2012

Yellow Pop

Top: Club Monaco | Jeans: J Brand | Bag: Banana Republic | Jewelry : Tiffany and co and Lauren Elan

Oh hello, spring! Yesterday afternoon my guy and I decided to go for a walk and little did we know it was a gorgeous day! Something about the sunshine and warm air seemed to really hit us, and we were both full of energy for the rest of the day. A long walk, completed many errands (including a big grocery shop) then came home and got tons done around the house. Whew! It's crazy how the weather has such an influence on your mood. 

On another note. Isn't this bag adorable? It was a gift from Andrew's mom and I'm so in love with it, especially the colour. 

Happy Monday!