December 08, 2011

A White Christmas

Images clockwise found here here here and here

This Christmas is both extra exciting and a little sad for me. This will be my first Christmas away from my family and friends, which is already hard. Missing everyone much more right now! The exciting part however is that this is the first year I'm decorating my own home! 

Since neither myself or my boy have any decorations, we are starting from scratch. Which is both exciting and expensive. Working on lots of DIY projects to keep my budget down! I've also started with a neutral (white, gold and silver) palette for a crisp and clean (yet very sparkly) affect. I can't wait to finish up and share some photos, but for now here are some images that are inspiring my decor. 



  1. I have very few Christmas decorations myself, although I am lucky to be going home to PEI for Christmas. I love your colour palette idea. And it is amazing the pretty DIY decorating ideas that are everywhere (i.e. pinterest - where I find all of mine!)

  2. Great colors... I'm sure your place will look super fancy and pretty and festiv. Being away from family during the holidays is tough. But gosh, the next time you're with them this time of year, you'll enjoy it a thousand times more than you ever have!
    at least that's how it's worked out for me.
    Happy Decorating to you!!

  3. Rebecca - I hope you have an amazing Christmas in PEI! I love pinterest for DIY ideas as well! Happy Holidays xoxo

    Happy Wife - You are so lovely. That comment made me smile. I think next year I will spend the Holdays at home :) I hope you have a Merry Christmas! xo