January 07, 2013

Aritzia Online

My favourite Canadian clothing brand, Aritzia, has finally launched their online shopping site and I couldn't be more excited. The site is easy to navigate and features inspiring lookbooks that have me craving their product more than ever (which makes me a little worried for my wallet). 

Above is my current favourite lookbook featuring actress Lili Simmons and a few of my favourite pieces from Aritzia at the moment. 

A few other online shops I love include Morgan Clare and Ernest Jones.



  1. This is not safe for my wallet! I loooooove Aritzia so much. Gah! <3

  2. So excited for this too! Especially since there are no Aritzias anywhere in the maritimes.

  3. Oh no! Your links at the bottom of your post aren't connecting for me :(

    1. Hi Tina! Thanks for the heads up, just fixed the links and they should work now xo

  4. Thanks for the news! Definintly going to check out their site!


  5. I've got number 1 and 5. I love both of them.

    My only qualm with Aritzia is that they rarely get new product. It seems as though the store has had the same items for the past three years, just in slight colour variations. Oh an the sales people in my local store are absolutely rude.

    I've told myself I would stop shopping there for quite some time now but I just can't seem to stick to that resolution. At least with an online option I don't have to deal with the staff.

    I love the Lili Simmons lookbook though - great styling!!!

    xo Lauren