September 20, 2011

Layers of Fall

Dress: Aritzia | Scarf: Anthropologie | Bag: UO | Boots: Zigi 

I spent most of the weekend unpacking and getting organized in our new place, settling in seems to be a bigger project than I anticipated! While going through my clothes and accessories I realized that I won't be needing my sandals and summer dresses anymore. The weather turned crisp last week, and it seems summer has officially come to an end. Although I'm  little sad to pack up my breezy layers, I'm excited to replace them with cozy ones. I'm officially on a hunt for the perfect pair of booties, oversized chunky sweaters and scarves in every print and colour possible.... Fall, I love you. 



  1. I love your scarf! such a cute outfit

    xo Julia

  2. I love wearing layers as well! A/W fashion is much better than S/S I think. Also, how do you not have more than 80 followers!? Your blog is so good!

    Nic xx

  3. Love this outfit! love the classic, simple dress paired with a bright, colourful scarf

  4. Love this outfit, it looks great on you.


  5. I love all the different tones and textures in this outfit. I'm officially loving fall as well.

    xo L.

  6. Wonderful outfit. I am very envious of your amazing scarf.

  7. Exactly how I feel, from the second the weather changed I have been obsessed with knits knits knits.

  8. I love that scarf!! Such pretty colours.