October 01, 2011

September Photobook

- tomatoes and linens from Le Marché St George
- sunflowers and tomatoes in our neighborhood garden
- picking out some succulents 

September was a bit of a quiet month for me. Settling in to my new place with the boy, getting to know our new neighborhood and our new kitchen, and adjusting to the days getting shorter. (Waking up when it's dark is so much harder)

October is my favorite month, so I welcome it with excited open arms! Not only is it Halloween, which I love, but also Canadian Thanksgiving falls in October, my favorite holiday. I think maybe because it revolves around food, and includes pumpkin flavored everything. YUM!



  1. Lovely photos!! I'm excited for thanksgiving too, next weekend! :D

  2. i just might have to see how many pumpkin things i can whip up!

  3. I'm thinking pie and cupcakes Holly! YUM! So excited for a Thanksgiving feast! xo

  4. You always have such pretty pictures! Love that first shot of all the tomatoes!