January 31, 2012

January Photobook

- Enjoying Maui with my love 
- Delicious French Onion soup (I made a version of this recipe)
- Butternut Squash Pasta (a perfect sweet and spicy combination)
- The infinity pool at our hotel
- Wearing summer whites and stripes 
- Poolside cocktails
- Long walks
- Snowboarding with the lovely Danielle of Denj

January is typically not one of my favorite months. The Holidays come to an end and we are left with a cold, long winter to look forward to (or dread). However, this January was much more enjoyable than usual. I enjoyed some fun in the sun and sand, as well as the snow, and made many delicious comfort food dishes to get me through the cold! Now hurry up spring!!!



  1. I love this sort of post, these photos are gorgeous and full of colour.

    And, I'm a massive fan of your blog!

    e x

  2. Ellie I can't tell you how much that means. SO happy you are a fan <3


  3. Those photos tell a story of a lovely trip! I'm glad you had such a wonderful January!