July 04, 2011

Bicycles and Picnics

Hello lovelies, I hope you all enjoyed the long weekend. I was so lucky to have one of my best friends come visit me from Toronto :) I was beginning to get a little homesick so this was such a treat. We spent the weekend having picnics, riding bikes (I may have had a little bicycle/bush accident.....no comment) and enjoying many patio drinks. I can't wait to head east this week to visit more of my friends and family! 


  1. ahhh, the sea wall! We rented bikes last summer and rode around it for hours. My favourite memory of my trip to Vancouver. Lovely photos <3

  2. ....take that Kent!!
    Fabulous weekend my love. great pics! although those tomatoes are awfully close to me! lol


  3. love love love these photos. and picnics! yey for both.