July 11, 2011

Je T'aime, Montreal

colourful old homes 
poutine - french fries with gravy, cheese curds, bacon, onions and mushrooms
Atwater Market
bixi bikes - bikes for rent parked all over the city 
french cheese, need I say more? 

I spent last week in Montreal to pack up our condo and say goodbye to the city one last time. Living there in the winter wasn't exactly the most enjoyable (hello -40 weather) but the summer makes it worth it. The city comes alive with entertainment, culture and delicious french food. I'm not surprised it just got voted the 3rd best summer city in the world! I look forward to visiting again soon, just not in the winter. 


  1. I see you went biking again... hopefully this time was less traumatic than the last ;)

  2. love your little plaid top! and Montreal is such a gorgeous city...lucky lady

  3. mmm, frites alors, how I miss that! montreal is my hometown and these photos made me feel like i was right there!

    you can't get anything close to a cheese curd around australia. however, you can get sunshine year round, so it's a decent trade-off.

    love the blog by the way, just discovered you. i bookmarked and will definitely be following religiously. also, LOVE your green jeans - made me want some bright denim for myself.