July 21, 2011

Shop Crush: Lola and Emily

Lola and Emily is one of my favorite boutiques in Montreal. I discovered it my first time in the city a few years ago, and it was love at first sight. With now two locations, Lola and Emily is a women's boutique offering both trendy and classic apparel and accessories. Carrying brands such as Free People, Velvet and Filippa K.

What makes the boutique so special for me is the unique pieces they choose from these classic brands, and the way they showcase them. The product is displayed among antique furniture from India and handmade displays. Every piece feels special and loved. I adore all things lady-like, and Lola and Emily truly embodies the feminine aesthetic I love.



  1. :) i enjoyed shopping here...

  2. LOVE that store! they have the most amazing assortment - and the name is cute - and the display is perfect. agreeeeeeed!

    xoxo danni

  3. that looks like such an amazing boutique! found you through danni's blog, LOVING your content girl!


  4. I LOVE this store! Wish I could go there right now! But, alas, there is an ocean between us. And I'm broke.

  5. I love this store as well! It's such a pretty boutique!