February 21, 2012

Closet Solutions

I often find it to be a challenge to make a rental space feel like your own. You can't make any permanent changes, and you don't want to invest too much in the space when you don't own it! I ran into this challenge while setting up my closet when we moved into our new (rental) condo. The closet was originally just the one bar across with a shelf on top (I should have taken a before shot!) and I needed to find a non-permanent way to add more storage space. I found this Extend-It Closet System at Canadian Tire, and it was the perfect solution! You can customize the bars however you want and it's portable for when you move. 

My other organization solution was for my bags on the top shelf. I often find they end up in a huge pile, but with these book-ends from Ikea they stand up neatly and it's much easier to see them. (I found this idea on The Glamourai) The hooks on the closet doors and the basket for my chunkier scarves all also aid in keeping my things tidy and accessible. 

Note: I swear my shoes aren't that dirty, it's just how they photographed!



  1. my closet needs a total overhaul BADLY. You've given me the inspiration I need!
    I love love love how you've organized your purses. Mine always just pile up haphazardly and fall on me constantly

    1. Jacquelyn that sounds dangerous! Organize those purses before you get hurt ;)

  2. I was going to say the same thing! The way you've organized your purses is perfect! Definitely could use some help in our closet. It's organized for the most part, but still, apartments aren't the easiest to store things in.
    Thanks for the suggestions!

    1. Agreed! Apartments can be such a challenge! We have a bed from ikea that you can store stuff inside of and some bins for underneath too! I hate clutter so I'm always problem solving how to keep things tucked away! I will definitely share more storage/organizing solutions soon :)