February 28, 2012

Jewelry Storage

Last week I shared my newly organized closet, and thought this week I'd share how I store my jewelry. I actually have a dresser sized jewelry box that I adore, however it doesn't fit in my current condo, so I've had to come up with a new solution for all of my jewels! The top drawer to my antique dresser is quite shallow, so I decided it would be a perfect spot. I found the plastic storage unit from Ikea, which I use for my go-to pieces, and keep the rest in boxes. I also display my chunkier necklaces on hooks above my dresser, which keeps them from getting tangled as well as adds some personality to my room! 



  1. i love to be organized, especially when it comes to jewelry. something always gets tangled or lost and one of those storage units really works well.

    lovely blog and i'll be following from now.

    warm greetings!

  2. You have some beautiful necklaces! They look lovely hanging like that! My jewelry is stored all over between my apartment and my parent's house. I keep my most worn pieces with me at the apartment, and everything else is stored between 2 small-ish jewelry boxes at home. xo

  3. This is such an awesome post - def need to get on organizing my stuff. Loving your blog and def following :)

  4. Looks fabulous! I recently reorganized all of my jewelry. My necklaces were constantly tangled on one of those jewelry trees and it just wasn't working anymore. I have limited drawer space, so I improvised and used a long cabinet handle with S hooks to hang my necklaces. It works so much better! I also display all my bracelets and earrings on a pretty tiered cake stand I found at Home Goods.

  5. YOu are so organized! This is something I really need to do with my own accessories.