November 06, 2012


Sweater: Aritzia | Jeans: J Brand | Scarf: Joe Fresh (similar) | Boots: All Saints | Jewelry: Michael Kors and J.Crew

So far November (and the end of October) has been nothing but rain. (With the exception of yesterday) As much as I try not let the weather affect me, it has. Getting out of bed or staying awake longer is so much harder when it's dark and grey outside ALL of the time. Not to mention trying to get dressed! All I want to do is crawl under the covers in my pyjamas and stay there until the sun comes back out.

Until then, I'm trying to brighten my mood by trying out new recipes, and planning some sparkly outfits for the holiday season. Nothing like the excitement of dressing up for Christmas parties and NYE to keep me inspired!



  1. We had a week straight of rain and I'm CONVINCED the lack of sun gave me a serious case of the sads. I hope some sunlight comes your way soon!

  2. I have the same scarf! It's one of my faves.

  3. You look lovely here... adore the bit of fur and gorgeous gold accessories, so pretty!! And yes, the rain has been nuts - I've been hating it!! Luckily we had yesterday and I hear the sun is is supposed to come back with a vengeance. Fingers crossed! xo V

  4. very pretty! i love burgundy and think its the best color for the fall:)
    kisses from milan

  5. I just discover your blog on Chictopia and I really love it! Love your fur scarf!!!
    Following you on GFC and Bloglovin!

    Kisses, Lucy:)

    1. Thanks Lucie! So glad you like my blog xo

  6. Grey days are depressing, it's true. We've been lucky to have lots of sun on the east coast. You should invest in a sunlamp! My cousin in Iqaluit has one for the months of darkness to combat the depression of being in the dark all the time. Might work for grey BC days too?

    In other news - this outfit looks really cozy and cute!