November 23, 2012

Hosting a Holiday Party

Video via Rue Magazine

I have always loved being a hostess. Maybe because I love to cook, especially for others, or maybe I just enjoy a good party so why not throw one?! After trial and error with appetizers, cocktails, music, etc, I have learned a few tips I'd like to share. 

Menu Ideas

Although we would all love to provide all of the drinks for my guests, sometimes that is just not budget friendly. I like to share a favourite cocktail or a large punch as well as some non-alcaholic choices, then they can bring more if they would like! I also like to set up a space in the kitchen as the designated "bar". 

Decor and Mood
I've already started on my holiday decorating, but when throwing a party I like to add a few extra special touches.
- Tea lights in mason jars (I love this DIY idea for some extra sparkle)
- Fresh flowers, paper whites are my favourite this time of year.
- Rustic touches such as pinecones and fresh garland
- Some fun holiday napkins.
- Don't forget some music! 

- Clean the day before the party so you are not rushing.
- Consider where your guests will hang their coats, make room in your coat closet if possible.
- Make some space! Bring out any extra seating you have available.
- Turn down your heat. With a house full of guests your home will warm up quickly.
- Have all of your serve ware, napkins, glassware, ready to go. 
- Place appetizers around the room(s) to encourage guests to mingle and walk around.
- Have fun! Don't stress so much that you can't enjoy yourself.

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  1. I am so happy that spinach dip is at the top of the list. yumyum

    1. Chelsea, it's the best spinach dip I have ever tried! Try adding some lemon juice and water chestnuts too!

  2. I hope you actually play hostess to such a party because I would love to see photos and revel in all its loveliness! xo

    1. Yes! Andy and I are throwing a Christmas party soon. I will be sure to post or at least instagram photos :)

  3. Devils on horseback!!! They are so tasty! ha. All of these are great tips too! (And some recipes I might just have to try making for some of the Christmas events coming up soon)