March 01, 2012

February Photobook

- Delicious lunch at Finch's in Vancouver (seriously to die for) 
- Handmade birthday card from Tasshia 
- My go-to outfit: jeans, a blouse and chunky jewelry 
- A pretty display at the CB2 opening in Vancouver 
- Cupcake from Butter Baked Goods  (seriously the best bakery in the world) 
- Olympic torch 
- Subtle nails with a touch of sparkle 
- Lauren Elan  arm candy 
- Vday candies 

February was pretty eventful over here. Between weekend trips, Valentine's day and birthdays, things have been pretty busy! I'm so excited for March because it means SPRING is finally here!!! I know you all feel me when I say I've had enough of winter! It SNOWED in Vancouver yesterday! I really can't handle it anymore. Hello March and goodbye winter!

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  1. ooh, pretty nails! So spring-y. :)

  2. such pretty things! love.

  3. Love your nails and coloured denim!!

  4. Such pretty photos! I LOVE the pink nails with one sparkly. Cute and lovely.