March 16, 2012

Trend Crush: Peplum

Images clockwise from top left: Anthropologie TopCupcakes and CashmereTuula and Atlantic-Pacific

To tag onto my last post with my peplum blouse, I decided to feature the silhouette for this week's Trend Crush (thank you to Jen of Her Waise Choice  for the suggestion!) I'm loving this trend in skirts, dresses and especially in tops. The flare at the hips can be a bit intimidating, but when paired with the right pieces (balanced with something slimmer) it's actually quite flattering! 

Keep those trend suggestions coming! 



  1. I am obsessed with Emily's faux leather peplum top! Our H&M NEVER has anything that cute though! I may search Metrotown for it... Great post, Sarah!!

  2. I was dead set against the peplum at first. Then I started thinking hmmm maybe. And now I'm searching for the perfect one...funny how that works!

  3. I am also so in love with peplums! I actually made myself a no sew faux leather removable peplum ( to wear with my faux leather skirt and a few other things...I'm also making a skirt and a blouse right now, and they both have time find the time to finish them!

    Natasha ~