July 05, 2013

In My Summer Bag

bobby pins: h&m | sunglasses: aritzia | wallet: aritzia | perfume: sephora | sunblock: sephora | lip gloss: sephora | bag | scarf

I find in the summer I carry around a little more in my bag than usual. Although I try not to lug around too much on a daily basis, some items are a must in summer. Such as sunscreen, sunglasses and bobby pins to keep my beach waves under control. And of course, Coquitlam Centre has me covered for all of these essentials and more, what are some of your summer bag essentials?


  1. Funny enough, I'm ALWAYS in need of bobby pins but I never seem to have them on hand. I never thought to carry a stash in my beach bag.

  2. Love your gorgeous picks - you have fabulous taste, girl! Happy weekend!! xo

  3. I love the little perfume stick, I usually try to keep a little something like that on hand too! To this list I would add hair elastics, because they always seem to go missing on me.