July 19, 2013

Mood Board: Floral Shop

For one of my final school projects this term I am designing a logo and website for a floral studio. To begin the project, as I begin most projects, I created a mood board filled with images that inspire the topic. Vintage botanical drawings, floral workspaces and some stunning logos and websites that already exist. I find putting together a collection of images can really help you narrow down your concept and colour story. Plus I love making them!


  1. man do i ever miss web dev school, just for this reason. making mock-ups and vibing off everyone's creative energy is the absolute best feeling! looks like you're off to a fab start Sarah. i LOVE the mood board ideas, so much insp there. bet you'll produce a winner in no time! ♥

  2. What a great mood board, they are some really pretty logos.


  3. What interesting work! I love the combination of florals and vintage, they make such a lovely pair. I hope you share the results of your logo with us!

  4. This is so stunning and dreamy. I just want to crawl in here and live this beautiful life! I can't wait to see what your lovely mind comes up with! I know it will be gorgeous!
    xo Ally

  5. This is such a gorgeous mood board... I'm absolutely smitten with the aesthetic. Can't wait to see what your final project will look like. I'm considering a new logo/header for my site - I'd love to chat with you about it some time!! xo

    1. I would love to chat soon Veronika! We really need to schedule a date soon xo

  6. Thanks so much ladies! I will happily share the end result. Thank you for the lovely comments! xo

  7. Wow, gorgeous mood board!! You will probably have the prettiest wedding photos because of your amazing taste!