July 09, 2013

Office Styling

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As you may have noticed I have a serious obsession with super feminine styled offices. Home decor has been on the back burner of priorities around here lately, but I still find myself dreaming up new looks for our place. I've mentioned a few times how much I'd love to add some feminine touches to our office, and I think some of these pieces would do just the trick. I think wherever I live will always be an ongoing project as my taste changes, but that's what I love about style and decor. It is always evolving with you. 


  1. I just may need that stapler!! I'm always up for new office supplies and ones that are gold capture my eye every time!!

    1. Oh my gosh me too Victoria! I'm obsessed with it!

  2. Replies
    1. Me too Hannah, one purchase I hope to make someday soon!