July 22, 2013

Weekend Snapshots

{ lovely lavender at the farmer's market }
{ so many varieties of cabbage }
{ maple syrup on a stick...so good....so Canadian }
{ my current favourite eyeshadow } 
{ Andrew sneaking in some snuggles with this little one } 

Happy Monday! I hope you all enjoyed the weekend. Mine seemed to fly by much too quickly, a Saturday morning (okay, afternoon) trip to the farmer's market, sunbathing at a friend's pool,  marathoning Orange Is The New Black (I'm totally obsessed you must watch it) and a Sunday baby shower. Why can't weekends be just a little longer?


  1. Such pretty snapshots and that little angel looks so peaceful! Have a good week pretty girl!

  2. Maple syrup on a stick?! Why have I never had this! I feel like a terrible Canadian now

  3. Wow, these pictures are AMAZING. I've never heard of maple syrup on a stick but now I want to try it. :)


  4. oh Sarah, how incredible that bushel of lavender must have smelled! you got so many awesome pics. i'm a huge fan of farmer's markets, they never cease to amaze!! loved seeing the syrup sticks, now that's a clever concept.

    i've been using BB eye cream for a solid 1/2 year now and adore the creamy smoothness, haven't tried the shadows yet but i'm sure they produce rad results. we just watched Jimmy Fallon the other night and Natasha Lyonne was on. totally on board to get into our own marathon asap, that show looks stellar.

    and um, baby showers are perhaps the best thing ever!! beautiful photo of the baby! ♥

  5. I am a sucker for Farmers Market and baby photos. This is like my ideal post!

    Kate from Clear the Way

  6. Finished the last episode of Orange last night. It was emotionally exhausting! so good! - Cortney